Antique dolls and Teddys on the Isle of White

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Antique dolls and Teddys on the Isle of White

 Where ever one goes,It is funny how one always manages to find the place to see antique dolls and bears! Here we are, house/cat sitting on the Isle of white, only to find that 10 miles down the road, is Lilliput doll and toy museum.I only had about 10 minutes to spare, but I managed to have a quick look around and take a few photos to give you all a taste.Dismal Desmond

Although my pictures do not reflect it, one thing I really liked was the fact that the dolls and bears were mostly mixed together, and they really made a good display. I don't know what anyone else thinks, but I find it much more interesting, and easier to take in if displays are mixed. When I visit a fair, and there is a table full of dolls lined up like soldiers I find it hard to take to differentiate or even see them as individuals.



unusual teddy bear bag, with simon and Halbig doll The first of my images is of an interesting Dismal Desmond. I have not seen one like him before. The second, is of a Simon and Halbig doll and another item I have not seen before. A drawstring bag with a teddy beat head on it. I am guessing it might have been made by Omega, but if anyone knows better, please feel free to add a comment to this this posting.

A particularly nice aspect of the museum is the fact that lots of items have their personal history's with the. One I noted was a black Simon and Halbig, that had a picture of it with other dolls when it must have been quite new.

Having been involved in the doll and teddy world for over 30 years, a lot of items were too familiar to me to make much impact other that the nice way in which they were displayed. So, it is either rare items or different things which catch my eye. However one group that I rather liked were WW2 dolls. These included some home made dolls. I am sorry the picture of them isn't better, but it is hard to take things that are behind glass.

According to literature I have seen about it "The museum has been awarded the Certificate of Merit in the British Tourist Board’s Trophy Competition and the organisers of the BBC’s Antiques Road Show said it is the most interesting Doll and Toy Museum they had seen, whilst filming items for the show."

The museum caters for school visits. As a  school girl, I visited both Bethnal Green museum and Pollocks toy museum. Bethnal Green had a far better selection and display than it does today. It was these visits that captured my imagination. I think that this museum might do the same for some of the youngsters that go to visit it.

I will finish this article with a few more pictures from the museum.



2 dressed bears

early dollearly2Face of Queen Ann doll

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