Kestner 146 75cm

Kestner 146 75cm

Kestner 146
Kestner 146Kestner 146Kestner 146Kestner 146
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A Kestner 146 girl doll, measuring 75 cm (29.5 inches). She really has a peaches and cream face, and it is no surprise that the Kestner factory was known as the "King of doll makers".

This doll has a perfect head, with no chips or cracks. Her body is also in good condition. She has come from a collection, and I believe her wig was probably replaced about 30 years ago. I think it is synthetic, but has lost any sheen, so looks natural, and suits her well. She has a replacement card pate. She has brown sleeping eyes, and retains all her eyelid wax.

The doll wears some original underwear, and has original shoes and socks. Her dress is made from vintage fabric. Her bonnet is an old one, probably dating to the 1920's.

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