French games compendium

French games compendium

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A French games compendium. On the lid, is written the name "Jeu de Societe" , meaning society games.

This is a fabulous larger size compendium, with a pull out drawer, which has a backgammon board. The main box has several boards stored in the lid. It consists of a complete chess set. In addition to the chess set there are some horse pieces, which are part of another game. There is a dominoes set, with one piece missing. another which is a slightly different size has been added. There are lotto cards and numbers. There are also two dice shakers, but no dice. There are only two draughts pieces in the box. Overall the set is in good condition. The box itself is a little scuffed. The pull out drawer is a little stiff. The inside of the box was very dusty when I bought it home from a French Flea market. I have given it a light clean.

It is a colourful set, dating to around 1910. The box measures 19.5 inches by 12.5 inches.

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