Lovely SFBJ 301

Lovely SFBJ 301

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A really charming example of an SFBJ 301, measuring 25.5 inches

These dolls vary so much is quality, and can be very bland. This is a sweet girl, that has her original dress, and some clothing that may have come on her, or could have been made for her. She has a perfect head with no chips or cracks. She has dark sleeping eyes, with eyelashes still present. She has her original wig and cardboard pate. Please look at the photos for one which shows all her underclothing. She has two slips, knickers, and a corset. She wears a typical white French dress, which has two items of knitted clothing on top. Her pink socks match, and she wears original shoes. Her jointed body has its SFBJ sticker on it. Her hands have been replaced at some point. They have some age to them. They are a different colour to her body.

The doll dates to around 1910. Her pictures really do not do her justice. She is dressed as a girl, and has the feeling of this being how a child would have loved her.

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