Felted animals

My niece has started making felt animals to help her with her university expenses. They are really adorable! Have a look at her shop on etsy

Please encourage her by buying one! She will also make your own animal, so do get in touch with her.


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Animals for animals

I have now set up a facebook page where you can find a gallery of toy animals for sale to help raise money. Please visit the page  by clicking the link,  animals for animals.

So far we have raised over £600

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Christmas fair update


By the end of day 1 we have £111 in the paypal account. Lots of Items have been donated, and people who are not able to attend or do not have soft toys, are donating money via paypal. The paypal address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Jo Vernalls, of Bears of Grace fame is kindly publicising the event on her facebook page, where you can find items that are being auctioned


Charities supported:

25% of money raised will go to rescuing bears in rural Pakistan who are being used for baiting. Please view this link for more information.

25% Greek dog rescues. All over Greece dogs are suffering. Poisoning, hanging & drowning to name but a few of the horrific ways unwanted dogs are disposed of.

Greece has an untold number of stray dogs, there is no hope for these dogs! Each dog will never experience a loving owner, a cosy bed or a good meal. There are countless dogs chained up with no food, water or shelter and with little human contact, as well as those in shelters with no hope of ever leaving

25% Helping Paws. Karen Lippitt works tirelessly to raise money to help Portuguese dogs. She needs money to pay for their transport to the UK. Once here they go to the RSPCA in Brighron where they are assessed and good homes are found for them.

25%  Brighton RSPCA. 
The RSPCA Brighton Animal Shelter at Patcham, cares for over 3000 animals every year, is entirely self-funding. They need over £400,000 a year to keep the Shelter running, to continue to look after animals in need.
I believe them to have the largest rate of rehoming in the country and they are a fantastic bunch of people.


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RSPCA Christmas fair


I am having a stall at the RSPCA Christmas fair in Hove on Sat 30th November. I will be selling vintage animals. I should have a large selection of 1950's Steiff animals and also some English makers too. I will be donating all profit from them to animal  charities. If you have anything you wish to donate (for me to sell on the stall) please get in touch.

If you donate an item and it does not sell, I will auction it on your behalf on ebay.

If you are local, or just fancy a day down in Brighton and Hove please support this event.


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New outlet in Lewes

I am now settled into my new home in Rottingdean. Although I have not been putting many new bears on the site recently, I have now taken on a cabinet in an antique centre in the historic town of Lewes, where I will have a few on display. I have a very small selection of dolls and bears there, which will tend to be cabinet sized. I will also be selling other assorted bits and pieces. Lewes has several  antique centres ( six, I think ), and makes a great day out. Cliffe High Street  ( pictured ) has three of the centres as well as a couple of good antique shops.


If you see something on my site that is of interest, I can always meet you there with it, so you can have a good look. You will need to give me a few days warning for something specific, as most of my stock is in London, where I go once or twice a week.

My new unit can be found at

Emporium Antique Centre, 42 Cliffe High street, Lewes, BN7 2AN. The centre is open 7 days a week.


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Bisson bears available through this site

Fantastic news! For the next few months I will be selling Bisson bears through this site! Gail is going to have a new website built, and in the meantime I will be selling some of her latest designs for her! Here is little Amos. He is one of three.

I am also including a picture of Gail's fabulous house in Norway, where I was lucky enough to stay last summer. It is an old school house. Her neighbours actually went there as children. Needless to say there is loads of space and Gail has a fabulous studio. And if you were wondering, that is a Fjord at the bottom of the garden!

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Reflections on doll auctions circa 1982

An article written by David Barrington in 1982, it would be interesting for an update on the prices mentioned here!


One of the most frustrating aspects of collecting is for the collector to miss by just one bid at auction, a doll that he or she really wants. That happened to me in March 1973, it seems a couple of decades ago now. Lot 338 was described as: "A bisque headed Bebe with fixed blue eyes, closed mouth, blonde wig and pierced applied ears, the composition jointed body with fixed wrists, wearing whitework frock, shoes, socks and handkerchief - 16" high, marked with the shield of Schmitt of Paris." .

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