Christmas fair update

Christmas fair update


By the end of day 1 we have £111 in the paypal account. Lots of Items have been donated, and people who are not able to attend or do not have soft toys, are donating money via paypal. The paypal address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Jo Vernalls, of Bears of Grace fame is kindly publicising the event on her facebook page, where you can find items that are being auctioned


Charities supported:

25% of money raised will go to rescuing bears in rural Pakistan who are being used for baiting. Please view this link for more information.

25% Greek dog rescues. All over Greece dogs are suffering. Poisoning, hanging & drowning to name but a few of the horrific ways unwanted dogs are disposed of.

Greece has an untold number of stray dogs, there is no hope for these dogs! Each dog will never experience a loving owner, a cosy bed or a good meal. There are countless dogs chained up with no food, water or shelter and with little human contact, as well as those in shelters with no hope of ever leaving

25% Helping Paws. Karen Lippitt works tirelessly to raise money to help Portuguese dogs. She needs money to pay for their transport to the UK. Once here they go to the RSPCA in Brighron where they are assessed and good homes are found for them.

25%  Brighton RSPCA. 
The RSPCA Brighton Animal Shelter at Patcham, cares for over 3000 animals every year, is entirely self-funding. They need over £400,000 a year to keep the Shelter running, to continue to look after animals in need.
I believe them to have the largest rate of rehoming in the country and they are a fantastic bunch of people.


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