About us


About Us

Thank you for taking the time to stop by this page. I hope you find some of the information interesting.

I have been selling antique dolls and bears in the UK for about 32 years now! Over the last twelve years, I have been working on and building up this website, which is now very successful. It had been my intention to build a separate site for the dolls, but as this site needed rebuilding, I decided to put them both together! Whilst I know many bear collectors do not collect dolls and vice versa, there are also many that like to add a few to their collection. I hope you will enjoy the new look.

I have a good selection of both dolls and bears at my shop , but there are always more items on here that are sitting at home with me keeping me company! During my years selling antique dolls and bears in the UK, for 4 or 5 I was joint editor of a doll magazine.

Apart from selling on this site, eBay, and from my shop, I attend major doll and teddy fairs.


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